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Conflict Free Diamonds, Green Diamonds, Created stone

 Conflict Free or "Green" Diamonds

With the recent controversy over the source of some diamonds we felt the need to give our view on this subject. Diamonds we supply, are from gem merchants we have confidently purchased from for the last ten years or more. This insures we, and you the customer get consistency in price and quality. These suppliers sell gemstones that comply with the,"Kimberley Process Certification Scheme" that was established in 2002 by the diamond industry, to avoid the incidence of so called "Blood diamonds" entering the gem market.


The "Kimberly process" is a system that covers the mine to the market, distribution of diamonds. But like all such schemes, will not be perfect. We believe by keeping to suppliers that we trust, we are doing our best within a system that is not perfect. In the end it will come down to a personal decision. There are alternatives that can replace diamonds and other gemstones, that represent excellent quality,wear ability and brilliance and are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Created or Lab. grown Stones

Created, man made, lab. Grown diamonds, are terms used to describe the various process’s used to make gem stones.
These gems can be a beautiful and conscience free, alternative, manufactured in laboratories, using heat and pressure with the same elements and materials that produced natural gemstones
Their quality is better than the naturally  occurring stone and the price is often cheaper.
We currently offer and recommend created Emeralds, as their quality and price represents very good value.
The naturally mined emeralds can be included(faults within the stone)  enhanced after cutting, and mined within dodgy labour conditions .
Diamond Alternativesk
Lab. Grown diamonds have progressed recently to give top quality stones at very good prices.
We are happy to supply you with more specific details, if this is an option you would consider.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article.



Moissanite is a man made created gem. It does occurred naturally but is extremely rare, originally discovered by Dr. Henri Moissan in 1893 while examining a meteorite deposit, he found tiny amounts of what turned out to be deposits of silicon carbide.

Crystals are grown in a hi tech laboratory, which creates gem quality stones that have many attributes of naturally occurring diamonds, but at a fraction of the price.
Moissanite has refraction and light dispersion qualities that  match or excels natural diamond, with a hardness value of 9.25 compared to diamond at 10.
Moissanite is graded to a similar standard as diamonds are  graded, and represents great value if your looking for a diamond  substitute.
Should you require more specific information or have other queries, we are always happy to help................. 

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