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Ruby Birthstone for July



for July Ruby


The name comes from the latin “Ruber” for its red colour, and it’s the Rubies luxurious colour that makes this stone so unique and desirable.

The gem belongs to the family of stones called Corundom, known for it’s hardness and durability.

Fine rubies are extremely rare, the price of larger stones of a similar size, exceeding the price of diamonds.


The best rubies have come from Myanmar (formerly Burma) with other sources in Africa, Madagascar, Vietnam  and Sri Lanca.

Sometimes confused with garnet, spinel or tourmaline, many stones thought to be genuine ruby, are in fact synthetic spinel.

Ruby is also traditionally the stone given  on 40th. wedding anniversaries.


Let us set the stones of your choice in one of our many stock settings with styles from antique, art deco modern or extravagant.

If you have older jewellery pieces or items that are no longer worn, these can be redesigned and remade, purhaps adding a ruby to the combination, giving a fresh look and excellent value.

Bring your ideas and let us loose to custom design your own piece of  Jewelry Art.





Rick and Jenny Bromhead,

Design and Make

Beautiful Jewellery.

Based in Northland New Zealand.

We have many years of experience in both designing and manufacturing fine Jewellery,

our customers often become our friends who bring us more customers.

Traditional, antique or the latest styles, we will take the time to create a piece of quality Jewellery Art for you.