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Ring Size Guide

Ring Sizing


When purchasing a ring at any time, it's important to obtain the correct finger size.
Here are a few pointers to help you get a comfortable and secure fit.


Need to obtain a finger size without that Special persons knowledge??
Try borrowing a ring they have and either, measure, then match the size on our chart below, or take it to your local jewellers.
Ask her friends or a relative, if she has tried a ring of their's on (that often happens), or set it up so that this can happen, then get that rings size.
Try matching up one of your fingers to her ring finger, then have your finger sized.

Remember that wide bands will be a tighter fit than the same size in a narrow band, these bands will require a "wide band fitting".

Stacking rings next to each other will also tighten up on your finger.

Hot weather makes your fingers swell up a little and cold weather has the reverse effect, remember to make allowances for these extremes.

If you don't know your size, your local jeweller can measure your finger, if you already have a ring that fits well, use that as a sample, either take that ring to a jewellers and have them tell you the size, or, use the chart below which has the inside diameter ( measurement across the ring) of each ring size. You will need to measure accurately the inside diameter of your ring and then match it to my chart.

We use two sizing standards which are the most common: U.S. Numbers 1 - 15 or U.K. Alphabet A - Z+1- 6 with1/2 size in between.

All our web site rings have a "Stock finger size" stated which is generally in the middle range of finger sizes and can be re sized by us before shipping to you.
Simply add your size to the "Message and comments box" situated just before you enter your credit card details.

Still not sure???  Ask about our sample ring and sizing service.
We can send you samples of the ring/s your interested in, plus a set of ring sizers.
Always happy to give more details, advice and info. 


Have more questions or queries ?? we are always happy to help.

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Diameter in mm.



  1 A1/2
  1.5 C
  2 D
  2.5 E
14 3 F
14.5 3.5 G
14.75 4 H
15.25 4.5 I
15.75 5 J
16 5.5 K
16.25 6 L
16.75   M
  6.5 M1/2
17.25   N
  7 N1/2
17.5   O
  7.5 O1/2
18   P
  8 P1/2
18.25   Q
  8.5 Q1/2
18.5   R
  9 R1/2
19.25   S
  9.5 S1/2
19.5   T
  10 T1/2
20   U
  10.5 U1/2
20.25   V
  11 V1/2
20.5   W
  11.5 W1/2
21   X
  12 X1/2
21.5   Y
  12.5 Y1/2
21.75   Z
  13 Z1/2
22.25   +1
    +1 1/2
22.5 13.5 +2
    +2 1/2
23 14 +3
    +3 1/2
23.5 14.5 +4
    +4 1/2
23.75 15 +5
    +5 1/2
24.25 15.5 +6

Not Sure about finger sizes,talk to us............

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Need more answers to your questions or queries we are always happy to help".


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