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Ferns, Fronds and The Koru

If there is a colour that describes New Zealand, that colour would have to be green, through all its tones and hues.


The fern family represents a large part of that green pallette, washing over the landscapes of this country, giving a prehistoric look to the landscape. At times, you would expect a dinosaur and its family to be crossing the road ahead.


It's the way ferns grow, the elegant and graceful, unfurling of the young and supple fronds, surrounded and protected by the other mature frond branches.



Their colours changing as they age, from green through yellows, reds and silver of old age.


No wonder the Maori people identified the unfurling frond or " Koru" design, with values of youth, strength and vitality, life unfolding, the family or Whānau, its care and protection.


So, if you'r reading this article in some far off land, put a journey to New Zealand, a beautiful country on your "must do" list, you won't be disappointed.



Rick and Jenny Bromhead, design and make exquisit Jewellery. Based in Northland New Zealand.

Our theme is:

"The Natural, Made  Wearable".


The native wood pigeon or Kereru, captured in this pendant design, in Stg. Silver and Paua Shell, strung with garnet and adventurine beads, is representitive of the jewellery we make. We also custom make wedding, engagement and anniversary rings,with a New Zealand flavour.The beautiful Koru design is one of our favourites.

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