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The Celtic Kiwi


The Celtic Kiwi, jewellery combining the Koru, Celtic Spiral and knot designs, weaving together the diverse  mix of  Pacific, European and other cultures of many New Zealanders.
The Koru's graceful  unfurling shape, brings strength, new beginings and new life combined with the ancient Celtic Spiral and knot designs, representing growth,  the balance of natures energies and the expanding of mens consciousness and understanding.

Designs can be crafted in gold, silver and platinum, set with pounamu NZ greenstone, paua shell, diamonds and other precious stones.

Can't find what your looking for?? we can custom make your engagement ring design .

Note; Displayed prices are in NZ$, if delivery is within NZ, 15% (gst) will be added, this price will include Free Post and Insurance within NZ.

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