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Paua or Blue Pearls


PAUA_OR_BLUE_PEARL_15_1.JPG Paua or Blue pearls are a  unique New Zealand  gem.
Paua pearls do occur naturaly, these pearls will be one of a kind,tend to be uneven in shape and colour .
The pearls we offer you are a cultured variety, produced in New Zealand, by a skilled process using selected paua in a controlled and sustainable marine hatchery environment.
The process takes approx.18-24 months for the pearls to be formed.
The results being, a spectacular iridescent coloured, mabe or blister half pearl, which can be graded and matched for colour and size.

Note on Shape: Paua pearls we offer only come in the half or blister form, fully round pearls are unavailable.

Colour and Grading

Pearls come in a variety of colours which are described by the following colour or colour mix:                                           
Blue/ Green/gold/mauve/pink.

  • Our grading system describes pearls as:

  • Gem Grade; Intense even colouration with no surface defects.

  • Grade A+; Good colour saturation with some variation in colour tones, and slight surface defects.

  • Grade A ; Good colour saturation, with some variations in colour tones, surface defects, but does not detract from the pearls beauty.